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It's all COMING SOON! For now, if you're interested in purchasing any of my Coaching Plans contact me here.

What is the Online DIY Program?

DIY Programs & Their Benefits

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DIY CORE programs offer an affordable and flexible way to achieve your goals. Key features include:

  1. Flexibility: Access materials anytime, anywhere, fitting your schedule.

  2. Affordability: Low costs through internet tools and minimal coaching involvement.

  3. No Restrictive/Expensive Diets: Whether your goal is to heal your gut, lose weight or tone your body, I will teach you how to find a healthy and sustainable way of eating, without expensive diet plans and useless supplements.

  4. No Extreme Workouts: Incorporate enjoyable and easy-to-follow activities into your routine.

  5. Accessibility: Follow programs globally, even while travelling.

  6. Remote Support: Continuous support via email, messaging, or other digital channels. This helps maintain a continuous connection between you and your coach.

  7. Holistic Approach: Although each CORE program focuses on one specific element, they all take into consideration other important aspects of life such as stress management, active lifestyle and healthy diet.

Start transforming your life today
with one of my Online DIY Programs!

Folding Yoga Mat

Weight Management & Lifestyle Change


Coming soon!

Healthy Fruit Juice
Athletic Girl
CORE Signature Program

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Coming soon!

Running Shoes
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